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“Leighton helped with litigation over my mother’s trust. He was instrumental in guiding me in making sure my mother’s wishes were fulfilled and that I kept her safe.”

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Whether you’re running a business, handling complex personal transactions or trying to protect the value of your estate for your heirs by minimizing tax liability, our San Francisco lawyers from Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C., can help you, your family and your business develop strategic legal plans. Our mission is to guide you to your personal or business goals while minimizing legal risks and tax burdens.

Business Estate and Tax Attorneys, P.C., has a team of skilled attorneys with experience in all aspects of business law. We know how to handle entity formation and structuring, transactional law, and the regulatory and legal issues that arise as part of ongoing business operations. We also have years of experience in estate planning and business tax law.

No matter how complex your business or personal estate issues may be, our firm can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our San Francisco business, tax and estate attorneys. Learn how we can help you or your business.

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How Our Firm Can Help You

You want to protect your assets and wealth to preserve them for your family and descendants. Perhaps you are starting or operating a business and need help handling the legal and tax issues that frequently emerge during business operations.

The attorneys of Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C., are highly experienced in assisting our clients in these areas:

  • Business law – Our San Francisco business lawyers can help you and your company at any stage of your business operation. We have partnered with company founders and leaders to address complex issues, including business formation, entity selection and structuring, addressing the legal aspects of business operational planning, business tax issues, advising on equity and transactional matters, and defending litigation and fending off litigation threats.

    We will help you develop strategic plans to reduce your litigation risks. Whether you’ve just opened your shop doors or you operate a large and rapidly expanding company, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help guide your business decisions as you grow your company to reach your business goals.

  • Estate law – After you’ve spent years working hard to build assets and wealth, you understandably want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You want to pass on your assets to your loved ones with a minimum of paperwork, legal complications and tax liabilities. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys will take the time to understand your goals and your plans for your family’s future.

    Our San Francisco estate lawyers can offer you tailored estate planning strategies, including wills and trust formation. We can help you preserve and increase the value of your assets, minimize tax liabilities, engage in charitable giving and ensure that your wealth passes successfully to your heirs, including children and grandchildren.

  • Tax law – Many people make important business, financial or personal decisions without considering the tax implications of their transactions. Without careful tax planning, you or your business may miss critical advantages and you could even face significant tax liabilities and penalties.

    Our experienced San Francisco tax lawyers can identify tax laws and strategies that may help you reduce your tax liabilities and ensure that you are in compliance with applicable tax laws. If you or your business become embroiled in tax litigation, including audits, deficiency actions, refund actions or allegations of tax code violations, we will defend your interests. Tax laws are complex and you need an experienced tax advisor to assist you in making the best choices for you and your business’s continued financial health.

Benefits of Having a Firm with Broad Experience

Whether you own a business, have significant business interests or own complex assets, you need a law firm with broad experience in business, tax and estate law. Persons with business interests or complex personal estates are often confronted with simultaneous business, estate and tax law issues. For example, someone who owns a business must also understand how the tax implications of a business issue may also impact their personal finances.

At Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C., we pride ourselves in offering our clients our broad experience that addresses the intersection of business, tax and estate law. We work diligently to ensure that our clients have comprehensive legal plans that protect their business interests and personal wealth while minimizing tax burdens and legal risks.

We strive to stay up to date on the latest legal developments in California so you can rest assured that we will be prepared to offer effective legal strategies to protect you and your business.

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If you or your business are facing legal or tax issues, talk to a San Francisco business, tax and estate attorney. We can develop tailored, strategic legal plans to protect the value of your assets or your business. We can help you reduce your tax burdens so that you can pass along your hard-earned wealth.

Schedule a consultation with Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C., today to discuss how our firm can address your legal questions and needs.