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We partner with clients to resolve prospective and actual controversies involving their businesses, estates, and taxes. We integrate our actions with anticipated reactions to achieve our goals. We are here to help you.


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We makes things happen. Whether in planning for your estate or in a courtroom setting—representing clients in all aspects of tax, trusts, and estates—we put our experience to work for you. Find out what it’s like to work with a lawyer who takes your business personally.

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BETA presents at California CPA Education Foundation

Leighton Burrey teaches Fiduciary Accounting for California CPA Education Foundation. Few attorneys and CPAs who represent fiduciaries understand how to prepare fiduciary accountings. Mr. Burrey teaches the differences between fiduciary and tax and financial accounting.   Learn more

Fiduciary litigation under California law

An overview of the complexities associated with fiduciary litigation in California, and tips on avoiding personal liability while performing fiduciary duties.   Learn more

Federal v California business tax audits: key differences

A look at the procedural and regulatory differences between the Californian taxation process and that of the IRS. Learn more