A grantor will often choose a trusted family member or friend to serve as the trustee. This may be the case even if the family member or friend does not have technical knowledge in finance or the law. Fortunately, any trustee who needs help with their administrative responsibilities can turn to an experienced California trust administration attorney at Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C. for assistance. Call us today at (925) 317-3467 or reach out online for a consultation.

Why You Need a Trust Attorney

Administering a trust can be intimidating for someone who is not experienced in the law or in finance as accounting, investment and legal issues may arise. Fortunately, a trustee is entitled to retain a knowledgeable trust administration attorney to help with issues such as:

  • Interpreting the terms of the trust to determine your obligations and/or the rights of trust beneficiaries.
  • Defending against lawsuits challenging administration of the trust.
  • Preparing accountings and other required information for beneficiaries.
  • Helping to file tax returns and pay other expenses of trust management.