Writing a will can be complex. A will that is not properly drafted can lead to delays, frustration of your goals and unanticipated costs after your death. Having an attorney to help you through the process of drafting the will and planning the disposition of your estate can ensure that your wishes are properly carried out after you are gone.

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Why You Need a Lawyer to Write a Will

While you are legally entitled to write your own will, you should strongly consider having an Orinda estate lawyer help you with the will drafting process. Here’s why:

  • An attorney can help you determine if you need a full estate plan including handling the drafting process.
  • An attorney can ensure your will includes any necessary trusts as well as a living will, powers of attorney and health care proxies.
  • A lawyer can help your estate avoid paying unnecessary taxes and other estate administration costs by meticulously drafting your will and estate plan.
  • A lawyer can help guide you through the complexities of estate and probate law.
  • An attorney can ensure that your estate plan is properly implemented and carried out once you have passed away.
  • A lawyer can provide an objective perspective as you consider your estate planning choices. A lawyer can also help you with any difficult conversations you may need to have with loved ones about your intentions and wishes.
  • An attorney can follow up with you when you experience significant life changes and ensure that your will and estate plan are kept up-to-date.