Business Estate & Tax Attorneys, P.C.


We recognize the significant personal and family issues involved in business succession planning.  That is why we integrate both the family and business concerns of our clients into the estate planning process.  As our clients journey through their business life-cycle, we assist them by preparing the documents below.

Business Formation & Startup

• Limited Liability Company Formation
 • Operating Agreement

• Partnership Formation

 • General Partnership Agreement

 • Limited Partnership Agreement

• Equity Sharing Agreement

• For Profit  Corporate Formation Document (Articles of Incorporation)

• Non-Profit  Corporate Formation Document (Articles of Incorporation

• Private Placement Memorandum • Promissory Note

General Operations

• Minutes and Resolutions

• Independent Contractor Agreement

• Employment Agreement

• Employee Handbook

• Employee Counseling Statement

• Performance Review and Planning Forms• Deferred Compensation Agreement

• Non-Disclosure, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement

• Equipment Lease Agreement

• Simplified Commercial Lease

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Buy-Outs

• Buy-Sell Agreement

• Equity Purchase Letter of Intent

• Equity Purchase Agreement

• Pledge Agreement

• Redemption Agreement

• Asset Purchase Agreement